Origins clover blossom honey

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Clover Blossom honey by Origins (520 gm), 100% raw & unfiltered pure honey, Our bees collect the nectar from local Multi-Floral sources, to create the richest and healthiest honey for you.

We never process, treat or expose our honey to heat, ensuring all the active living enzymes are intact for your good health.

Helps in regulating level of sugar in blood, suitable for diabetics, maintains public health, clean the digestive system, general tonic of body – 100% natural honey The best taste of honey contains a low percentage of sucrose which makes it more suitable for diabetics (maximum 20 grams daily after consultation with the doctor) and contributes to regulate the level of sugar in the blood, maintain public health, cleanse the digestive system, contains A high percentage of pollen, which is reflected positively on the content of nitrogen, and rich mineral elements strengthens, it is a general tonic of the body. Benefits of Clover blossom Honey : – Compensate the amount of sugar consumed by the body during the day, because of physical or mental effort. – Its use as a therapeutic, preventive and nutritional value of great value, it is useful for both children and adults. – Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, elimination of gastrointestinal diarrhea, prevention of stomach ulcers, and female ten. – Treatment of chronic hepatitis, biliary follicular inflammation, and contribute to the fragmentation of its stones. – Treatment of various heart diseases, and strengthen the heart muscle. – Treatment of weakness of the body structure, anemia, and raise the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood. – Clover blossom Honey could reduce insomnia, which helps to sleep fast and quiet. – Treat both Neuritis and neuralgia. – Treat the pain of rheumatism, arthritis. – Treatment to erectile dysfunction and infertility. – Improve the growth of bones and teeth, and prevention of the risk of rickets in children, and is very useful in the period of teething in children. – A quick cure for coughing, softening of tonsillitis and throat. – Eliminate pre-eclampsia, menstrual pain and discomfort, and good for pregnant women during pregnancy and childbirth, which strengthens uterine constriction during childbirth, and increases milk production. – Reducing the risk of cancer and its use in the treatment of breast cancer in particular. – Improve vision ability, prevention of night sickness, ejaculation, chronic corneal infections, conjunctivitis, and eyelid edema. – Prevent the occurrence of various skin diseases, including: eczema, herpes, psoriasis, and boils, and is used as an effective treatment to eliminate burns. – Treatment of pulmonary infections, various respiratory diseases, elimination of colds, pulmonary tuberculosis. – Smoothing the skin of women, and reduce wrinkles. – Elimination of inflammation of the sweat glands, inflammation of the breast gland. – Prevent phlegm, and eliminate it in the lungs, especially in smokers. – Treat kidney infections, ureters, bladder, and eliminate kidney stones. – Treat gum infections, get rid of tooth decay, and treat lip cracking. – Treatment of annoying abdominal distension, gas disposal, constipation, and hemorrhoids. – Elimination of the problem of bedwetting in children. – Clover blossom Honey Helps to lose weight.


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