Origins citrus blossom honey

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عسل نحل زهرة الموالح - من اوريجينز

68 EGP 75 EGP

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Origins Citrus Blossom honey (520 gm), 100% raw & unfiltered pure honey, Our bees collect the nectar from local Multi-Floral sources, to create the richest and healthiest honey for you.

We never process, treat or expose our honey to heat, ensuring all the active living enzymes are intact for your good health.

Strengthens the immune system and increases its ability to resist colds and flu, and is useful for patients with anemia – Natural Honey 100% unique taste rich in vitamin C It is also rich in antioxidants, calming nerves, anti-cough, insomnia, bronchitis and colic, strengthens the immune system and increases its ability to resist colds and flu. It is useful for patients with anemia, Red blood increases the hemoglobin ratio. Benefits of Citrus Blossom Honey: – A general tonic and tonic for immunity and useful for the treatment of anemia, it is also anti-fatigue physical and mental, and facilitates digestion, and improves absorption because it contains riboflavin, so called athletes honey. – Useful in cases of sore throat, people, trachea, constipation and prevents atherosclerosis. – Useful in dilating arteries and controlling blood pressure and helps in cases of Alzheimer’s. – Useful for the treatment of insomnia, colic, muscle contraction and cough. – Useful in calming nerves and treating depression and migraines. – Maintain the balance of food exchange body. – Resistant to flu, colds, and sputum. – Beneficial for the treatment of asthma and chest allergies, dysmenorrhea in women, relieve liver pain and calms the nerves, and treatment of ulcers of the digestive system and remove pain, and regulate the secretion of juice and acidity in the stomach. – Contributes to the treatment of rheumatic diseases, and reduce the proportion of cholesterol in the blood, and works to strengthen the heart muscle. – Decrease joint pain and useful for the treatment of wounds and burns, and used as a mask to renew skin cells and soften and protect from wrinkles and pimples. – Reduces blood lipids and resists their deposition on the arteries, thus preventing cardiovascular disease. It also strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thus resisting scurvy, bleeding gums and activating blood circulation. – Citrus honey is anti-oxidant and protects against cancer to contain large amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which protects the cell walls and genetic material from the harmful oxidation processes, given the nature of acid, which qualify to act as an antidote to oxidation. – Citrus honey is useful and tried to strengthen the immune system and strengthen memory, and works to improve the growth of bones and teeth, and strengthens the child physically and mentally.


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