Alchemilla (50 gm) Slimming and fat burner – By Shana

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Alchemilla (50 gm) Slimming and fat burner – By Shana

عشبة رجل الاسد

14 EGP

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Shana Alchemilla (50gm) Slimming and fat burner it fills the appetite and the speed of fat burning body Health and fertility of women. For treatment of polycystic ovaries, prevent uterine hemorrhage, prevent vaginal secretions, and contractions of the uterus and vagina. Benefits of Alchemilla : – Helps the herb to reduce and relieve excess weight can be used by soaking in water and drinking with fennel. – The herb helps to regulate the menstrual cycle once boiled and taken as tea drink. – The herb works and removes the accumulated calcification on the ovary. – Vaginal infections are treated by sitting in the warm water dipped into the herb. – Used to help stop internal bleeding. – The herb works on the relaxation of the uterus and the abdomen after the process of birth or repeated abortion and this is a huge benefit. – Helps for treatment of diabetes. – Used in cases of infections of sensitive areas – The herb is used to treat diarrhea. – Helps to get rid of stomach and bowel problems. – The herb is made from an ointment to treat vaginal itching and narrowing the opening of the vagina. How to use Alchemilla : For internal use : – Add the contents of the package 12.5 g on the amount of half a kilogram honey bees and fluctuate well every time, and taken from the mixure a large spoon each time and fluctuate on half a glass of water, and drink on an empty stomach either before eating or after eating two hours. Take from the mixture of 2: 3 times daily as needed or according to severity of injury. Alchemilla as a tea : The herb can be used by boiling in water about a tablespoon on a liter of water and leave ten minutes to boil and drink three times a day. External use : – Through the Sitz bath : The herb is used for women in the treatment of vaginal infections by making sitz bath from boiled herbs and mix it with boiled horsetail. the mixure is used as emulsifier for treatment of diarrhea and the stomach diseases. – Soak: To reduce excess weight can be used by soaking in water and drinking with fennel. – Alchemilla For women, the herb is mixed with the horsetail herb and apply the mixture on area of inflammation and it is useful in cases of constriction of the vagina and prevent vaginal secretions and helps relaxation of the uterus. – Precautions to be observed – Pregnant women should not eat this herb because it is considered a powerful tonic of the uterus. – Additional information : Alchemilla contains Salsalic acid and some soap and volatile oil and veto steroids and the part used by the herb is the air parts.


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