Chitosan Peel (125 gm) to reduce fat absorption – Helps reduce weight – Clean the digestive system from toxins – By Shana

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125 EGP

Chitosan Peel (125 gm) to reduce fat absorption – Helps reduce weight – Clean the digestive system from toxins – By Shana

قشور شيتوزان من شانه

125 EGP

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Chitosan peels (125 g) reduce weight and cut appetite, prevent fat absorption from food, reduce cholesterol, digestive health and chronic constipation, clean the digestive system from toxins Chitosan crusts are extracted from the exoskeleton of shellfish, shellfish and marine shellfish such as “shrimp” and other various shellfish. It works on the absorption of fat from the stomach before being absorbed from the body and the speed of its descent as it helps to burn fat in the body. Active substances in chitosan peels: It is a substance consisting mainly of chitin, which is a series of carbohydrates related. In short, these psoriasis and crustaceans are grinded together and undergo a simplified chemical process that extracts a part of the composition of these substances called De-Acetyaltion. After acetylcholine is withdrawn, chitosan carries a positive charge of ammonium, which acts as a magnet to attract molecules of any material next to it or near it with negative charges. . Benefits of chitosan peels: – Works to absorb or attract some of these fats to them before they decompose these fats, which prevents the absorption into the human body. – The ability of chitosan to absorb up to about 6 to 10 times its size, giving it a very high capacity for absorption and bloating in general. – Reduces the possibility of weight gain due to modern food, as it reduces the rate of cholesterol formation and absorption in the human body. – Weight loss and body cholesterol. – As this article does not deprive you of eating fat, you can eat meals with some fat (naturally and not in excess) but you will not absorb it into your body. – It has general cleaning properties of the digestive system and absorbs the toxins accumulated inside it like other types of general fiber. – Give some anti-appetite effect also when taken before a certain time about a quarter of an hour to 20 minutes or more. – Also used for the health of the digestive system in general and cases of chronic constipation because it fibers of course. How to use chitosan peel: Add a teaspoon on a glass of acidic juice such as oranges or lemon and stir well and drink half a hour before the meal. It is used twice a day maximum, especially before fatty meals. Precautions to be taken: • It is preferable not to take this substance (although it is safe to date) only to consult a specialist doctor or pharmacist competent in general because they know your health. • Chitosan also reduces the absorption of fatty vitamins such as vitamin A, E, D & K and therefore do not mind paying attention to this point. • It may feel used by some gases in the beginning and this is normal when eating fiber, especially for patients with IBS.


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