Quantum Medical Solution High Frequency XRAY Generator (HXR-500)

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370,000 EGP

370,000 EGP

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High Frequency XRAY Generator (HXR-500)

High Frequency X-Ray Machine with One No. Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube,
(Floor to Ceiling Tube Stand), (Horizontal Gucky Table with Floating Table Top.

Mechanical Specifications:
1. Longitudinal Movement of Column on Rail: 2950 mm
2. Horizontal Coverage of tube head:443 mm
3. Vertical Carriage Up down movement: 1521 mm
4. Maximum height of Focal Spot from Floor:1956 mm
5- Minimum height of Focal Spot from F(oor:435 mm
6. Tube Head rotation : +180o
7. Column rotational : +180o
Minimum Recommended Height of Room: 2743 mm
Table is having a floating table top in 2 directions. Provided with 2-dimensional movement of table top
Manual Transverse & Longitudinal movements with
electromagnetic locking.
Table is provided with Bucky beneath the table top having
manual movement which is electromagneticatly locked and needs to be unlocked by the foot switch for its movement.
Mechanical Specifications:
Length of the table top: 2000mm
Width of the table top: 720mm
Longitudinal movement of the table: 535mm Transverse movement of the table: 200 mm
Available grids: 8:1, 85 lines/inch
Vertical Bucky Stand having Bucky with motorized oscillating
grid of Ratio 8:1, 85 lines. The Bucky moves up & down & are
equipped with a stainless steel cassette. This stand is floor mounted type & can accommodate cassettes up to 14″ x 17″.
1. Stand Dimension (LxWxH): 887 x 652 x 2073 mm
2. Vertical Movement Of The Bucky: 1210 mm (without AEC) 3. Min. Height Of Bucky Center From Ground – 460 mm
4. Max. Height Of Bucky Center From Ground-1670mm
(Without AEC)
5. Bucky Rotation – Oo to 90°
6. Maximum Patient Coverage – 1640 mm (Without AEC)
7. Provision Of Manual Brakes – Yes
8. Net Weight Of Stand – 162 Kg (Appx.)
3-Phase 400VAC, 50/60 Hz, ±10%
with independent earthing.
Line resistance:-Max*0*2 Ohms.




KV RANGE: 40 to 125 KVP with an increment of 1KV per step

mA RANGE: 500 mA

mAs RANGE: Up CO 400 mAs

EXPOSURE TIME: 2 ms to 2 sec

CONTROL: Attractive and ergonomically designed control panel with total
soft touch switches for various operations. Having loll owing functions & indications,
– Machine ON/OFF switch
– Digital display of KV and mAs.
* KVand mAs increase and decrease switches.
* Ready and x-ray on switch with indicators
-Gucky selection switch,
* Stand by and exposure release switch.
Self diagnostic program with indicators for>
– Earth Fault Error
* KV error
– Filament error
– Tube Head thermal overload.
* Ready & X-Ftay on indicators.
» Anatomical programming up to 216 pre-programmed
functions in which automatic selection of Technical
Factors is done according to the Body part Selection,
A 2-Step hand switch with dual action for exposure release
with retractable cord is provided for taking images from a
safer distance.

X-RAY TUBE:  A Rotating Anode Dual focus X-Ray Tube. The X-Ray Tube is
Thermally protected.
Small focal spot: 1.0 mm
Large focal spot; 2-0 mm
Anode heat storage capacity: 140 KHU

H.V.TANK: A very compact H.V. Tank filied with high grade oil with high
dielectric strength. The H.V. Tank contains H.V. transformer,
Filament Transformers, H.V- Rectifiers & HHV. Cable

H.V. CABLE (One Pair): One Pair of 03 meter H.V. Cable compatible with the X-Ray tube

COLLIMATORL: A Geared Manual collimator with LED light source with high lux output is provided.

FLOOR TO CEILING STAND: Floor to Ceiling Stand & with Counter Balanced Tube Head
(Rotatable ± 130 Degree), 360 Degree Rotatable; mounted on
Floor Ceiling Rails for convenient movements


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