Nuts mix honey (470 g) (walnut, Almonds, Hazelnut, Cashew, Pistachios) By Shana

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60 EGP

Nuts mix honey (470 g) (walnut, Almonds, Hazelnut, Cashew, Pistachios) By Shana

عسل نحل بالمكسرات 470 جم

60 EGP

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Shana Nuts mix honey (470gm) (walnut, Almonds, Hazelnut, Cashew, Pistachios) for heart health, reduce the harmful cholesterol, prevent cancer, fight intestinal cancer Nuts are also a source of fiber, which contribute to the protection of the heart. It contains unsaturated fats that help to reduce the harmful cholesterol in the body by comparing it with the beneficial cholesterol. Fiber in nuts helps prevent cancer, and helps fight intestinal cancer because of antioxidants; Benefits and nutritional value of nuts: Eye of the camel (walnut) – The eye of the camel is similar to the brain in terms of form and is also useful in the improvement of brain work in the body where we find that the membranes of the brain cells are composed of fat, which is responsible for the entry of important nutrients and the exit of unnecessary substances, and omega acids have a key role in this important process in the brain . Eating nut fruits reduces the risk of heart disease – Nut is used as a laxative and has no side effects for the pregnant during pregnancy and is useful for all ages – Walnut treats the severe gonorrhea of ​​the ear using a walnut emulsion. Helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer Almonds – Almond treats urinary tract infections, where gravel and sand break down. He fights kidney infections. – Almonds contain minerals, especially phosphorus, and unsaturated acid oils that calm the nerves, stimulate the brain and its functions, and prevent diseases of blotting, embolism, strokes, and Parkinsonism. – Addressing neurological diseases and aches. – Anemia is prevented by complex vitamins B, iron and minerals. – Prevents muscle spasm and relaxes, and used in the treatment of vertebrae – Recommend almonds for pregnant and nursing mothers, athletes, neurologists, patients with physical and mental debility, patients with urinary system, stomach and intestines, gravel, tuberculosis, pimples, patients with difficulty in discharge and diabetics. – Almond helps strengthen the brain, spinal cord, nervous system, and look, as he struggles insomnia, and opens the urinary tracts. Hazelnut – Healthy hazelnuts for teeth, gums and regulator for metabolism. It is very rich in vitamin E – Helps reduce cholesterol in the blood. – Protects hazelnuts from heart problems It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (monosodium) is rich in magnesium. – Nut is rich in proteins but incomplete proteins should be taken with other elements rich in complementary proteins. – Nut is rich in vitamins (AP) and is prescribed for people with diabetes, tuberculosis, epilepsy and urinary tract infection – Nut increases the brain’s abilities. – Boiled nut blossoms are used to treat sagging. 30 grams of flowers are boiled in a liter of water. If eaten with honey water, it is beneficial in cases of chronic cough. Cashew nuts – Cashews reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels as a result of containing unsaturated fatty acids. – Cashew contains a high proportion of calories that help in the production of energy and increase the flexibility of blood vessels, bones and joints. – Contains antioxidant rich substances that help protect against cancer. – Cashew works to support bones and muscles and strengthen it as a result of containing magnesium and calcium. – Improves the pigments of the skin and hair as a result of containing iron. Pistachios: – Provides the necessary food for the brain, and enhances its vital function and increase concentration and memory, – Prevents stroke, and prevents Parkinson’s disease. – Maintains cardiovascular health and protects against clots. And reduces the proportion of harmful cholesterol – prevents the formation of gravel and sand, as it enhances its size, and its ability to perform its functions. – Eliminates the feeling of nausea, prevents the occurrence of vomiting, to strengthen the muscles of the mouth of the stomach, and the termination of acidity – Maintains the health of the reproductive system, and treats its diseases. – Produces breast milk and improves breastfeeding quality. Useful for the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus. – Lowers the blood sugar level, so it is very useful for diabetics. – Protects against various eye diseases, such as retinopathy. – Enhances the performance of the immune system, and protects against infection of many diseases and infections. – Strengthens sexual ability in men. – Provides skin freshness and vitality, and protects it from harmful sun rays, wrinkles, and pigmentation. – Prevent the incidence of constipation, and diseases of the digestive system. – Treats the body’s leanness, and maintains its weight in a healthy way


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