Origins moringa flowers honey

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عسل نحل المورينجا

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Moringa Flowers Honey by Origins (350 g), 100% raw & unfiltered pure honey, Our bees collect the nectar from local Multi-Floral sources, to create the richest and healthiest honey for you.

We never process, treat or expose our honey to heat, ensuring all the active living enzymes are intact for your good health.

for treatment of anemia and malnutrition, improvement of kidney function, regulation of blood sugar level Benefits of Moringa Flowers Honey: – Helps lower blood pressure. – Regulation of blood sugar level. – Strengthen the immune system and fight cancer. – Protect the liver from damage and get rid of body toxins. – Treatment of malnutrition as it contains important nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. – Improve brain function, strengthen memory and slow signs of aging. – Bone growth and strengthening because it is rich in calcium. – Relieve rheumatism and treat arthritis. – Energize the body and stretch it by force and energy. – Improves breathing and prevention of respiratory diseases. – Helps to get rid of anxiety and tension


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