QUANTUM MEDICALSOLUTION XR-100L, Full Wave Rectified X-Ray Generator

Sold by: Medical Empire

135,000 EGP

جهاز اشعة اكس راي متنقل 100 مللي XR-100L

135,000 EGP

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QUANTUM MEDICAL SOLUTION XR-100L, Full Wave Rectified X-Ray Generator



* 100mA, Full Wave Rectified X-Ray Generator with Stationary
*Anode X-Ray
*Tube and LCD display.
*Anatomical Programming
*(APR): For quick and fine selection of
*radiographic parameters for optimum image quality
*MA STATIONS 100mA, 50mA and 25 mA
*KVP RANGE 40 to 10DKVP in Steps of 1 KVP/Step.
*MAS RANGE 1 to 200 mAs
*TIMER Solid State Electronic Timer with timing range from 0.01 to 4 Sec. in 24 steps.

* Preprogrammed parameters of human Anatomy which helps the user to select exposure parameters based on body part, examination view and size of the patient operator in such a way that by just selecting the patient size and body part to be X-Rayed the KVP and mAs are automatically selected.

* Attractive and Ergonomic designed feather Touch Panel control panel have LCD screen which displays the parameters like mA, mAs, KVP, 5creen type, Bucky selection, selected body part description.

* Laminated Membrane switches are provided for selection of Rad mA KVP Selection, mAs selection, ready, x-ray s/w, Bucky selection s/w, and M/c On-Off s/ws-

* Provided with a voltage compensator circuit for maintaining the constant voltage for m/c operational I/P voltage in the range 190V to 260V & a Digital voltmeter is provided for display of in-put voltage.

* A Booster X-mer is provided to maintain & stabilization of filament voltage.

* A hand s/w with five-meter length with retraceable cord is provided for operating the equipment from distance position.



* Automatic trip off overload circuit breaker.
* Ready & X-Ray & indicators.
* Fuses for all circuits are provided in the machine
* Electronic overload system does not allow machine to select parameters which are out of range according to X-Ray tube rating chart.

Self-contained Tube Head containing Stationary
Anode X-Ray Tube, Compact
Heavy Duty Full Wave Rectified H.T. Transformer
t and High Voltage Silicon
Rectifiers etc. all oil immersed and hermetically sealed. Tube head can be
tilted 360 Degree with full flexibility for use in operation
theatres and in ward
for bedside radiography.
Geared LBD with High Lux is provided
(a) Spare LBD bulbs.
(b) Set of fuses.
(c) User manual and installation manual.
(d) Dust Covers
Mobile Stand with 4-wheel design, which ensure easy mobility
and steering.
Counter Balanced articulated tube carriage allowing smooth
movements of the
Tube Head in vertical and Horizontal Plane, Lead lined cassette storage box.
Double Steel Rope for Counter Balancing gives additional safety.
Large castor
nylon wheels for easy mobility. The stand is designed for maximum
maneuverability of the unit.
* 220/230V (AC-supply) 50/60 Hz, ±10%.
* ISAmpere wall socket.
•Line resistance: < 0.4 Ohms.


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