Ultrasonic nebulizer (BD 5004) Ampule capacity (8 ml) By Bremed

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Ultrasonic nebulizer (BD 5004) Ampule capacity (8 ml) By Bremed

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Bremed Ultrasonic nebulizer (BD 5004) ultrasound method, efficient, Ergonomic design, short treatment time, Ampoule capacity (8ml) Description of Ultrasonic Nebulizer (BD 5004): If comfort and convenience is your priority, then the Bremed BD 5004 Nebulizer is an ideal choice for all your respiratory and lung related issues. This compact device uses Ultra Sonic Waves to convert the liquid medicine into fine mist-like elements or aerosols. The functioning of this nebulizer is simple and effortless. An electronic fluctuation included in this device generates an ultrasonic wave frequency of 2.5 MHz that causes the vibration of a piezoelectric element. This element in turn comes in contact with the nebulizer cup changing your medication to aerosols, which facilitates easy inhalation. Body of Ultrasonic Nebulizer (BD 5004): – The Bremed BD 5004 Nebulizer is equipped with an adult mask as well as a pediatric mask enabling both children and adults to make use of this device. – The medication cup, mouthpiece and the tube connectors are combined with the main unit. This nebulizer from Bremed weighs 425 g, making it easy for you to carry it along when you are travelling. The device also has dimensions of 14 cm x 16.4 cm x 9.7 cm. Unlike air compressors which are heavy in nature, the ultrasonic nebulizer produces aerosols from ultrasonic vibrations, providing easy handling. Besides this advantage, the Bremed BD 5004 Nebulizer also functions with the least amount of noise, thus giving you a pleasant operating experience. The user friendly nebulizer is capable of holding 8 ml of the medicinal solution in the medication cup, thereby enabling sufficient dosage of the required medicine to reach your lungs. The mouthpiece of this nebulizer permits easy inhalation of the medication. Performance and Features of Ultrasonic Nebulizer (BD 5004): The Bremed BD 5004 Nebulizer works with an average nebulization rate of 1ml per min, and the aerosol or particle sizes ranging from 0.5 to 4 µm. These particle sizes are minute enough to enter into the slender portions of your respiratory tracts, leading to a speedy and effective usage. This device operates at a temperature ranging from 20 to 60 degree Celsius and humidity ranging from 30 to 85% RH. Storing this nebulizer would require a temperature range of 20 to 60 degree Celsius with humidity ranging from 10 to 95% RH. This Bremed BD 5004 Nebulizer operates by directly plugging it into a power source and with rechargeable batteries. This device runs on a power supply of 230V 50 Hz. Ultrasonic Nebulizer (BD 5004) Accessories: – Adult Mask – Pediatric Mask. – Filter Set ( 5 Pcs) – Medicine cup set ( 10 Pcs) – Angled mouth Piece. – Nasal Fork. – Tube & mask Connector. – Dynamic tube. – AC Adaptor. Key Featurs of Ultrasonic Nebulizer (BD 5004): Can be used by both children and adults. Perfect for people who travel frequently. Ensures right dosage reaches the lungs. Light in weight. Swift operation. Low sound level. 0.5 to 4 micro particle size. Simple to use. Short treatment times. Ultrasonic Nebulizer (BD 5004) Specifications: Brand: Bremed Model ID: BD 5004 Motor: Ultrasound method Power Supply: 230V/50Hz Sound Level: Below 40dBa Frequency: 2.5 Mhz Particle Range: 0.5 – 4.0 µm Ampoule Capacity: Max. 8 ml Average Nebulization Rate: Max. 1.0 ml/min (NaCl 0.9% Normal Saline) Dimensions: 164mm x 97mm x 140mm Weight: 425g


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