Vital Honey with caviar (12 sachets * 15 gm) to improve sexual performance and enhance vitality – fast-acting – for the elderly and youth

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Vital Honey with Caviar (12 sachets * 15 gm) to improve sexual performance and enhance vitality – for the elderly and for young people – from Dosvital – fast-acting – its effect appears after one hour. Vital Honey is 100% pure golden royal honey, original sealed and made in Malaysia. Vital caviar honey contains powerful natural ingredients to improve sexual performance and vitality and strengthen sexual potency. Ingredients of vital honey: Mountain Honey 96% Caviar powder 1.5% Tonkat root Ali 1.5% Cinnamon powder% 1 Package contents: 12 bags / 15 grams per bag. Dosage of vital honey: 1 sachet one hour before sexual intercourse, or taking one sachet every two days as needed, taking into account drinking a quantity of fluids, and it is recommended to take it after food. Benefits of vital honey: vital honey for a distinctive sexual activity. Helps eliminate impotence and infertility. It treats improper ejaculation and short sexual intercourse. Instant power source. Rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, digestive and metabolic enzymes. Enhances nutrient absorption and metabolism. Supports the immune system. To improve body muscle building. Vital honey improves blood circulation. Imposes memory and brain functions. The vital honey targets the two age groups of men, the young and the elderly. As for the elderly, they suffer from a weakness in the production of the fertility hormone “testosterone” and damage to nerves and cells as a result of aging in addition to several diseases such as diabetes, pressure and cholesterol that lead to inhibit and reduce sexual performance and thus their inability to practice their male activity naturally and this may be: Weakness in Erection as a result of the pyramid of cells, especially after the age of forty-five. Failure to feel sexual desire, and if any, they do not have the ability to translate it into reality. Their vulnerability to bad psychological setbacks that turn into a type of depression that leads to many other diseases. Therefore, vital honey helps restore sexual activity, as it stimulates sexual desire and turns it into a real vital act. It strengthens erection in the elderly without feeling weak. Boosts self-confidence through a balanced sexual performance for a long time. It increases the secretion of the fertility hormone “testosterone” to give a feeling of strength. It works to reduce prostate problems and lesions of the male reproductive system. It tightens the body, gives a sense of vitality, mental clarity and stimulates memory. Supports body cells with amino acids and minerals needed for metabolism. Regulates the metabolism in cells thanks to its high content of omega-3. As for young people, studies have indicated that about 60% of young people suffer from a dysfunction in terms of distinctive sexual performance and not only impotence, but also disorders of sexual performance such as premature ejaculation and lack of orgasm or lethargy in their sexual senses and from The most important symptoms: premature ejaculation and the short period of sexual intercourse with the failure to achieve orgasm, which leaves a bad psychological impact on both parties. The problem, which is no less important than its predecessors, is that many young people have the required sexual capabilities, but they suffer from a lukewarm sexual senses and lack of desire, especially after a long period of marriage. Vital honey helps delay ejaculation and maintains strong and distinct sexual performance. It prolongs the period of sexual intercourse and erection with an increased feeling of euphoria. It raises lust and sexual feelings in the young man. Provides self-confidence with the desire to repeat sexual activity without straining. Maintains an excellent pace of sexual performance during sexual intercourse. It improves and increases the quality, quantity and fertility of semen. It boosts energy, stimulates mental and muscular activity, and stimulates blood circulation. It contributes to the metabolism process and thus the elimination of toxins and waste products from the body. The way to prepare vital honey: Caviar is one of the richest natural sources of omega-3 and phosphorous and a huge range of minerals, proteins and amino acids necessary for the process of metabolism and metabolism in cells, these features made it appreciated by a large group of people interested in the vitality and health of their bodies, whether in terms of sexuality or physical. However, due to the sensitivity of caviar and the speed of its spoilage, a group of Japanese scientists specializing in bio-food science devised a unique and innovative method that contributes to preserving the nutritional properties of caviar with ease of storage by drying the eggs of the sturgeon “caviar” using photosynthesis, which is a rather complicated process that is carried out by drying caviar from By exposing it to a temperature that emits a certain type of light under special conditions for several days, and after cooling it with dry air, it is grinded with special machines prepared for this purpose with glass fibers to preserve the nutritional and therapeutic advantages of caviar, including supporting the sexual and physical capabilities of the man. In addition, Dusvital has invested this innovation and merged “caviar powder” in precise scientific proportions with “pure mountain honey” a concentrated extract of “Tonkit Ali Roots” the Malaysian herb famous for its ability to support and improve male activity and stimulate sexual desire in men in addition to the extract of “cinnamon plant” Rich in minerals and volatile oils that stimulate the senses, and that support cells with the energy needed for their metabolism. To put the company completely innovative and unique product in the hands of its customers, without any preservatives. Note: The effect of one sachet lasts for at least 48 hours, so it is recommended to avoid eating it on a daily basis. Contraindications: It is contraindicated for patients with kidney failure or heart patients “chronic hypertension – ischemia”, in addition to children and pregnant women.


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